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Have each individual team member assessed. Check their
customer service and sales skills against our proven method.
Assessments are done over the phone, (or in some cases face to face). The staff member is not taken away from their duties.

• Do they display a great attitude?

• Do they build rapport and show genuine interest in their customer's?

• Are they proactive in their approach?

• Do they have and display knowledge of their products and services?

• Are needs established and features and benefits offered?

• Is the business asked for on each and every occasion?


• Qualitative and Quantitative reporting.
• Very detailed and easy to read reports.
• Numerical ratings, individually and comparatively.
• Written comments.
• Graphs plotting out key sales areas.
• Tailored to your specific needs.

You can choose to listen to the call yourself, decide whether or not you agree with our findings. (Subject to privacy laws.)

• How well are your staff performing?
• Are they focusing on results?

Comparative Analysis, find out how you rate against your competition focusing on key sales areas.

We not only provide detailed assessments on each team member we will identify and provide solutions for weaker areas. “Key Observations” and “Key Recommendations” are a standard part of the reporting process.

• We will identify individual development needs in an objective manner.

• We can provide solutions to these areas thus improving individual performance.

• In turn increasing your bottom line profits!

By taking a proactive approach, step by step, focusing on weaker areas you can work your way towards the ultimate service and sales team.

Take it one step further and have your team trained and skilled in the areas of superior sales and customer service. Blow your competition out of the water! Do what it takes to increase your bottom line. Achieve the results you know you can with the help of Quality Results!


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"Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


If you are looking for work as a Performance Monitoring Assessor please email your application and CV to [email protected]



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